Mailkeep has finished moving

We have finished our move of the Mailkeep servers to the new location. Mailkeep is now hosted on a high-availability distributed Amazon EC2 system. We are fairly comfortable that this will be our last move as we have a great deal of faith in the new infrastructure. We also expect that our Mailkeep users will find the interface more responsive as the new servers are also faster.

Note that the new IP address for connections from Mailkeep to our customers is:

Automatic assignment of delivery IP address is now optional

Previously whenever a mail client connected and authenticated using SMTP, ETRN, ODMR, APOP or POP3 the SMTP delivery IP address was automatically updated to match the client IP address. This feature meant that users with dynamic IP addresses could combine SMTP delivery with frequent automatic connections to inform Mailkeep of changes.

Now this is an option which you can change in your Access and Delivery account page. The checkbox is at the end of the SMTP Delivery Target section.

Migration Complete

We recently migrated the Mailkeep server to a new service provider so users will benefit from better data transfer speeds and various other improvements. The new user interface is almost complete and amongst other things there have been updates to the notification system (including some odd automated messages received by users). If you have any problems or questions please contact us and we'll be pleased to assist you.

Mailkeep IP Address changing

The Mailkeep IP delivery address will be changing soon so please update any firewall settings that may be affected.

The previous IP address was
The new IP address will be

This changeover is planned for Thursday, August 25th 2011. You might not be affected but here are the scenarios where you may have to make a change:

New Anti-Virus System

Today we integrated Clam anti-virus into Mailkeep and all incoming mail for every account is tested against a variety of threat types. The anti-virus database is updated constantly.

You will also be able to see rejected viruses in your activity logs and because the scanning is done in real time senders are notified right away rather than having the mail dropped or having to issue a Delivery Status Notification.

The Mailkeep User Interface gets a facelift

Once upon a time -- the very retro front page has gone

The Mailkeep Web Site has been completely revamped following a system failure at our hosting provider a few weekends ago. Although customer data was not affected, the web site was damaged and we had to revert to an older version. Rather than spend time getting the site back to its previous state, a completely new system was built with many substantial advantages. I'd like to think it looks much better too.