Delivering Mail to Mailtraq

Mailkeep works perfectly in conjunction with our complete e-mail server suite, Mailtraq.

Mailkeep was originally designed to provide Mailtraq users with an improved incoming mail stream. Of course, you don't need Mailtraq, but there are advantages to using it with Mailkeep.

Both Mailkeep and Mailtraq support our X-FROMIP extension which means that even though mail is delivered from our Mailkeep IP addresses, Mailtraq is told the originating IP address and can use that for DBL, SPF and other tests.

Note: In Mailtraq you should add the Mailkeep delivery IP address to your LAN List. You can edit this list in Options | Server... | LAN. Doing this allows Mailtraq to trust the X-FROMIP statement and to correctly interpret SPF statements.