Dynamic IP Addresses

Most Internet accounts use Dynamic IP addresses. This means that when you connect (or switch on your modem in the case of DSL or Cable) you are assigned an IP address from a pool, and this IP address changes over time.

For other people on the Internet to connect to your server (for example, to send e-mail to you via SMTP) you must have a Static IP address. ISPs generally charge a significant premium for Static IP addresses, both because they are a limited resource and because they are usually associated with higher account tiers.

Mailkeep allows you to host your own e-mail server even if you have a Dynamic IP address. We act as the MX server for your domain and receive your mail for you, and we pass it on to you via SMTP. You periodically update the IP address we have on record, and whenever we connect to your server we verify that it is your mail server receiving the connection.