Mail Forwarding

Mailkeep provides mail forwarding for everyone. Whether you use a T1 or Dialup Modem, Mailkeep will deliver mail directly to your servers without altering it in any way. You can decide how you want to receive the mail, and whether or not to accept it. When your system goes offline, we store it safely.

How our Mail Forwarding Works

E-Mail on the Internet has worked much the same way for decades. Each Domain Name has a number of records associated with it, which you (as the owner of the domain) can modify. One type is the MX record, which gives the names of hosts that will accept mail for your domain. These hosts need to be available at all times, and you can have more than one so that if one host becomes unavailable, mail can be delivered to one of the others.

Mailkeep can either act as your only MX server (we have two MX hosts at different locations for fault tolerance) or as a backup MX server. When we receive mail for you, we immediately check with your server (if you have one) to ensure you want the mail. If you do, or if we can't reach you, we store the mail until it can be delivered to your server, or until you collect it from us.

There are many benefits to operating your own MX mail server, but here are some reasons you may not be able to, or want to :-

  • A public mail server needs a static IP address, and many ISPs charge a significant amount for this
  • You may have an intermittent or unreliable Internet connection
  • You do not have the resources to operate a resilient server in face of constant attacks from viruses, spam and hackers

Using Mailkeep, you can use your own mail server without having to worry about these issues.