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What does Mailkeep Do?

What does Mailkeep Do?

Mailkeep is a mail service that provides a comprehensive mail service.  Mailkeep allows your company to have complete control over e-mail addresses without having to rely on your Internet Service Provider to support them for you.  Most service providers give you a single mailbox, or a fixed number of them.  That just isn't suitable for a dynamic organization.  Do you want to have to go to your ISP every time you want to change your mail structure?

Many ISPs just do not handle your email effectively.  Have you ever waited for hours wondering if that email has been lost?  Mailkeep is a highly efficient system that puts you in control.  You can collect your mail from Mailkeep using a variety of methods -- you choose.

Mailkeep is ideal if you do not have a permanent Internet connection, but want all the email benefits that such a connection provides.  Mailkeep can receive the mail for you when you are offline, and deliver it when you are online immediately.  You get the mail with its envelope, so you can have your own mail server and manage it effectively.

Mailkeep gives you email the way it was intended.