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Introducing Mailkeep

The complete Mail Service for home offices and businesses of any size. Use powerful mail delivery methods such as SMTP regardless of your Internet Service Provider.

Finally, the power of e-mail but the freedom to choose any service provider that suits you.


You are no longer limited by the mail services that your ISP provides. Mailkeep allows you to select the type of mail access that suits you. Roaming access to your mail? Access from multiple dialup accounts? Support for multiple domains and unlimited users? Reliable transaction driven mail delivery? Mailkeep provides everything you need and at a very affordable price. More importantly, you can now choose the ISP that offers you low-cost access without having to be put off by their below-standard mail services.

No more basic POP3

Most service provider only allow you to access your mail via POP3. This is a protocol that was designed to deliver mail to a single person, and it is the cause of countless problems when multiple users are trying to receive their mail from a single POP3 mailbox. Some providers offer SMTP mail delivery, but only if you have a static IP address (and most people either don't have or don't want it). Mailkeep allows you to choose your mail delivery method -- and you don't need static IP!