Welcome to Reliable E-Mail with Mailkeep

You are protected from virus carrying e-mail messages
Mail Forwarding
Mailkeep receives mail for your entire domain
DNS Hosting
Domain services included with all accounts
You can choose which protocol you use to collect mail
Bouncing mail is simply unacceptable
The last thing you want is for your customers to receive a mail bounce just because you temporarily lose your Internet connection. Mailkeep ensures mail for your domain is always accepted and forwarded to you when your network is online.
Does your ISP block port 25?
Many Internet Service Providers block port 25, used for delivering e-mail, to force customers to use their e-mail services. Mailkeep can deliver your mail to you on any port in real time bypassing such a block.
Don't have a static IP address?
With Mailkeep you can receive a full mail feed for your domain even with a dynamic IP address. Mailkeep will not deliver to an unauthorised mail server if your IP is swapped.
Unreliable connection or Dialup Account?
With Mailkeep you always get your mail, even if you go offline frequently. Mail is simply stored until your system is available.